What is a Lemon and How You Can Avoid One

What is a Lemon and How You Can Avoid One

A car is one of the most expensive financial investments you will make. However, there are problems that buyers face that are challenging that result from a lemon vehicle. At Kaloustian Law Group, we offer lemon law services should this unfortunate experience impact you. Learn more about these kinds of cars and what your rights are as a consumer below.

What is a Lemon?

A lemon is a car that has serious mechanical deficiencies that cannot be repaired under warranty after a reasonable amount of attempts. A car like this can be very dangerous and the malfunctions generally affect the most important driving components of a car. There are Los Angeles lemon law tips to identify a problem car to inform a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney.

What are the Signs that You Bought and/or Leased a Lemon?

  • Steering Issues. A car that drifts off-center is a telltale sign of a problem. A slacking wheel is a dangerous problem that needs to be addressed immediately
  • Look at Your Tires. Tires that do not wear properly are a sign of a suspension, steering, or brake malfunction. Tires should wear on the sides and not the middle.
  • Check Your Exhaust. The smoke that comes out of the tailpipe should be white. Black smoke is a reason to be alarmed, and it could indicate a dirty air filter or a more serious problem such as burning oil. Oil problems are detrimental to the engine, and they could lead to a car’s demise quickly.
  • Shaky Suspension. If you hear a lot of rattling and knocking while the car is running, it is generally the sign of a bad suspension.
  • Look for Recalls. Ensure before purchasing a vehicle that all the recalls have been performed satisfactorily. Official recalls are located on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Misaligned Body Parts. Irregular body panels are a clear sign that the car was in a significant accident. Inspect the doors, hood, and trunk for any signs of damage
  • Repairs Don’t Fix the Car. If you have had numerous maintenance and your car is still broken, it could signify that you have a lemon. Consult with a Woodland Hills Lemon Law Attorney to understand what your rights are.

What are California Lemon Laws?

As a consumer, you have several rights afforded to you should you have a a car like this in California. If you have identified any of the signs above, a Woodland Hills Lemon Law Attorney in Woodland Hills CA can help. You may be entitled to a cash settlement, reimbursement to fix the damages or replacement of your inoperable vehicle. Also, the fees for your case are paid by the manufacturer.  You are not responsible for any of your attorney’s fees. The lemon law statute of limitations is generally four years. The limit begins when a consumer first has experiences problems with the vehicle while it is under warranty. However, it would help if you acted quickly to prevent any delays in your claim. The car will need to meet the legal definition of lemon, meaning that a dealership or manufacturer cannot repair the car after repeated efforts. The defect drastically affects the value, safety, or operation of the vehicle. You should contact a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney as soon as possible to learn your Lemon law rights.

Contact the Professionals at Kaloustian Law Group

Kaloustian Law Group is your Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney professionals. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle your case and provide you with a favorable result. If you suspect that your car is a lemon, contact the Kaloustian Law Group to pursue a lawsuit.  Call us now for a free case evaluation and find out if you have a viable case. The lemon laws require the manufacturer to pay your attorneys’ fees and costs if you win, so let us fight for your rights without worry.