Leases and How They Relate to New Car Lemon Laws in California

Leases and How They Relate to New Car Lemon Laws in California

Dealing with a lemon car wastes both your time and resources. The California consumer protection law helps to ensure car owners with defective vehicles that don’t conform to their warranty get the right compensation from the manufacturer and/or dealership. Nonetheless, “Does California lemon law apply to leases?” is a question that runs in many people’s minds.

A lemon law California leased car can be either a leased automobile or a car purchased outright. So, if you are operating a leased vehicle that shows serious defects that won’t go away even after multiple repairs, it could be time to hire a leased car lemon law California lawyer.

Hiring a skilled lemon law lawyer from Kaloustian Law Group allows you to fully understand your rights, maximum compensation, and time constraints imposed by state laws when filing a lemon case.

Contact your lemon law attorney in Los Angeles to help determine whether you have a legitimate legal claim against the manufacturer.

Are Leased Business Vehicles Covered in the California Lemon Law?

People lease vehicles for either personal use or small-scale business operations.

While California Lemon Law may cover vehicles on leases for business use, it’s important to understand the instances when the law applies. To qualify for protection under the California lemon law, a leased business car should:

● Have a significant defect that affects its safety or value
● Have 10,000 pounds or less gross vehicle weight
● Registered under a company with 1-5 vehicles under it

Note that if you registered your vehicle in a different state, it doesn’t count towards the California Lemon Law’s five-car limit.

When are Leases Considered Lemons?

Although a lemon lawsuit seems pretty straightforward, there’s a specific criterion followed to prove that you have a legal claim that requires compensation from the manufacturer. Just because your leased vehicle that has a mechanical problem doesn’t make it automatically a lemon.

The key to winning a leased car lemon lawsuit is to prove that the defect in the vehicle significantly affects its use, safety, and value.

California lemon law leased car claims are only applicable for vehicles bought within the state.

However, there are a few exceptions. A leased vehicle is a lemon if the defect began in the first 18 months of acquisition or within the first 18,000 mileage range.

This legal assumption has made it easier for past consumers to win lemon cases in droves. In this instance, it is up to the manufacturer to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they did not sell a lemon. While you can file a lemon law claim even with the expiration of the warranty, you must have discovered the defect during the warranty period.

You can file a lawsuit within four years from the time you discover the defect that makes your product a lemon. The California lemon law covers the leased, used, and new vehicles if they have an active manufacturer warranty.

It’s one of the factors that you should check when shopping for a secondhand car and ensure that it’s still active before you conclude the transaction.

Ask for a detailed report and receipts from your dealership for each service and repair your leased car gets. Your leased vehicle must have undergone several repair attempts with minimal to zero success before filing a claim.

Extended repair periods of 30+ days can also be reason enough to assert your rights under the lemon law in California. But, it is important to note that defects relating to accidents, aftermarket parts, or driver negligence aren’t covered under the California Lemon Law.

What is the Legal Remedy for Lemon Car Leases?

For lemon cases, the manufacturer may need to:

● Replace the vehicle
● Buy back the vehicle
● Issue a refund

If you are issued a refund, the manufacturer will pay back the following:

● Initial down payment
● Completed lease payments
● Remaining lease obligations
● All damages, including towing costs
● Collateral charges, including finance charges, sales tax, service contracts, etc.

Lemon Law Attorney

If you believe your leased vehicle is a lemon, you must understand your legal rights for maximum compensation.

An experienced attorney from Kaloustian Law Group can evaluate your case and advise you accordingly. Our California lemon law attorneys boast years of experience successfully helping car owners receive maximum compensation after leasing a lemon car.

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