How To Know if You Have a Potential Lemon Lawsuit

How To Know if You Have a Potential Lemon Lawsuit

A vehicle is an expensive purchase and when you purchase one, you expect it to function properly. Of course, cars are going to have issues from time to time; however, if you feel like your car is having a lot of issues, you could have a lemon on your hands. Not every vehicle with problems is going to qualify as a lemon, here are a few signs that could indicate you are dealing with a lemon vehicle? Take a look at the list below.

1. You Notice Unusually Smells or Odors Coming from the Car

One of the first signs that could indicate you are dealing with a lemon vehicle is that you notice unusual smells or odors coming from the car. You expect the cabin filtration system to work properly. If you notice strange smells coming from the car, this could indicate that something is wrong with the coolant, the gas tank, or even the oil itself. This could be a serious problem that impacts the quality of your vehicle, so you may want to check and see if you have a lemon car.

2. The Steering Column Requires More Effort than Usual

The vast majority of cars today have a reliable steering system. With access to power steering, it should not take a lot of effort to turn the steering wheel. If you feel like you have to work way too hard to turn the steering wheel, the could indicate that there is something wrong with the steering column. Sometimes, these are expensive issues to fix, and this could be a sign that you have a lemon vehicle. You should take the vehicle back to the dealership to see if they can fix it for you. If not, you may have purchased a lemon.

3. There Are Prior Recall Issues that Have Not Been Addressed

From time to time, recalls are announced for certain vehicles. If your car has a long history of problems, you may want to take a closer look and see if all recall issues have been addressed. Usually, as you can check the recall history using one of the relevant databases. Then, you can see if your car and model year have been listed. If your car has a history of recalls in the past, you need to make sure these were dealt with accordingly. If not, you may have a lemon on your hands.

4. You Have To Push The Brakes Too Far to the Ground

What are the most common signs that you may have purchased and/or leased a lemon vehicle is issues with the brakes. Particularly if your vehicle is relatively new, you should not have to hit the brakes that hard to get your vehicle to stop. If you find that you consistently have to push the brakes to the ground in order to get the vehicle to stop, it might be a sign that your vehicle is a lemon. You may want to reach out to the dealership to see if they can do something about the braking system in your car. This is a serious safety concern.

5. The Engine Overheats Routinely

Finally, if the engine keeps overheating on you, this could be a sign you have a lemon. The engine is one of the most important components of the car, and you do not expect to have a lot of serious engine problems. That is why you should get your car inspected and maintained on time. If your car overheats at relatively mild speeds, this could be a sign that something is seriously wrong with the internal components of the car.

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