How To Know if You Bought a Lemon

How To Know if You Bought a Lemon

If you’re driving a new car only to find that it is not quite up to par, you could be dealing with a lemon. Before you become too frustrated, take a look at this blog which will explain how you would know if the car you bought is a lemon, what rights consumers have in such situations, along with the requirements of the “lemon law.” Kaloustian Law Group helps victims of lemon cars receive the justice they deserve. Contact us today for more info.

What Is a Lemon Car and How Do I Know I Bought a Lemon?

A lemon car is a vehicle that has been deemed unsatisfactory by the manufacturer, typically due to having an abnormally high number of defects or problems. This can include mechanical issues, electrical malfunctions, and other significant problems that render the car unsafe, unreliable, or unusable.

The term “lemon” refers to how these cars are often more trouble than they’re worth; like a literal lemon, it’s sour and not very appealing. For consumers, this means buying a vehicle that doesn’t work properly and may require costly repairs before it’s even safe enough to use.

In order for a car to be officially classified as a lemon under state law in the United States, it must meet certain criteria, such as being covered by warranty when purchased and having at least three attempts made by the dealer or manufacturer to fix any existing defects without success within one year of purchase date or 18,000 miles driven whichever comes first. If all of these requirements are met, then there may be legal recourse available for consumers who have bought what could be considered an official lemon car.

The California lemon law protects consumers from being taken advantage of by manufacturers and dealers when it comes to buying or leasing a defective vehicle. The law requires auto manufacturers and dealers to repair any problems with the car or truck in a timely manner without charge for parts or labor. Suppose the manufacturer cannot fix the problem after several attempts. In that case, they must replace it with an equivalent model, reimburse you for all past payments made towards the car, and cover future repair costs related to the defect.

The lemon law also covers used vehicles that are sold “as-is” if they fail to meet standards set forth in California’s Used Car Lemon Law Act. Furthermore, each claim must be filed within four years of purchasing your vehicle or 18 months from when your warranty expires (whichever comes first). Finally, if you feel as though you have been unfairly treated by an automaker or dealer under this act, then you can contact a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles to help you.

How Can a Lemon Law Attorney Help?

If a car dealership sold you a lemon car, a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles can help in several ways.

They can ensure that your rights are protected under the law by filing any necessary paperwork and helping to resolve your case efficiently. Additionally, they can provide legal advice on how to approach the situation with the dealership and negotiate a settlement or reimbursement of costs associated with purchasing and repairing the lemon vehicle.

They understand state laws pertaining to lemon vehicles which will allow them to better assess what type of compensation is appropriate for you given your particular circumstances.

An attorney can help you get compensated in a variety of ways. They can help negotiate a settlement with the dealership or manufacturer to cover all costs associated with purchasing and repairing the lemon car. This may include reimbursement for repair expenses as well as any lost wages due to time spent fixing it.

In addition to helping you receive compensation for losses related directly to the purchase of a lemon vehicle, lemon law attorneys may also be able to represent you in court if need be. If negotiations don’t work out, lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles will be able to file a lawsuit against the dealership or manufacturer on your behalf in order to seek compensation for breach of contract or other violations of consumer rights laws.

By taking all these factors into consideration when assessing potential claims against dealerships that sell lemon cars, attorneys are often very effective advocates for consumers who find themselves stuck with faulty vehicles. Contact Kaloustian Law Group today if you’ve found yourself with a lemon car.