How Long Does It Take to Settle a Lemon Law Case in California?

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Lemon Law Case in California?

Lemon law protects you even when you purchase a defective product. The law applies to faults that affect the use, safety, or value of the product. It is even more frustrating when the problem persists after multiple repair attempts.

If the newly purchased defective product is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you might have compensation under California’s lemon law.

To assert your rights effectively and win the lawsuit, you should have a clear understanding of how to go about a claim.

Contact a California lemon law lawyer for help.

Steps to File a Lemon Law Case in California

Generally, the steps to file a lemon law case in California are:

1. Confirm the validity of the warranty
2. Take the item to the manufacturer’s dealer for repair
3. Get accurate repair records from the dealership
4. Allow the dealership a practical number of attempts to repair
5. Gather all relevant documents including purchase contract, repair records, etc.
6. Hire a seasoned lemon law lawyer in Los Angeles

Settling a Lemon Law Case in CA

Settling typical cases in California depends on how soon it commenced.

According to California lemon law, you can file a lawsuit within four years from the time you discover the defect that makes your car a lemon. Even with the four years window given to file your lemon law claim, it is best to do it sooner to avoid missing the statute of limitations (which can bar you from asserting your claim).

If you have tried to repair the defective car severally with minimal to zero success, your lemon law attorney in Los Angeles can send a demand for reclamation to the manufacturer.

It is important to note that the discovery process can lengthen the time it takes to settle a lemon case in California. Discovery allows both parties in the lawsuit to share evidence and information pertaining to the case in addition to conducting depositions. How long the discovery phase takes depends on the number of factual issues in the lawsuit.

Often, the average lemon law settlement in California takes about 90 days. If both parties fail to come to an agreement after the discovery phase, the case proceeds to trial. Nonetheless, only a few lemon lawsuits get to the trial stage.

Resolving Your Lemon Law Case Before Going to Trial

Some lemon lawsuits are straightforward and can save both parties a lot of time and resources if resolved through settlement negotiations.

If your product has a significant defect and it is obvious you’ll prevail if you go to court, the manufacturer may opt to settle faster than in a weaker claim. You can resolve your case faster if you choose to accept the buyback amount as a settlement.

You may receive compensation for incurred damages and inconveniences. The manufacturer may opt to:

● Provide a replacement item
● Repurchase the defective product
● Offer a cash settlement and allow you to retain the item

Compensation You Might Receive in a Lemon Case

If your car is a lemon, you may receive compensation for:

● Initial down payment
● All completed monthly installments
● Outstanding loan balance
● Indemnity and damage expenses including repair costs, sales tax, service contracts, etc.

Kaloustian Law Group for Your Lemon Case

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