Hesitant to get Your Car Checked? Why You Could Regret It

Hesitant to get Your Car Checked? Why You Could Regret It

Nobody wants to go for days without having a car nor does anyone want to deal with the expensive of a major repair. However, if you think you have a lemon, it’s vital to get the vehicle examined by the dealership or you could find yourself outside of the lemon law statute of limitations. Even if your car would fall under the Los Angeles lemon laws, you would have no grounds to seek compensation if you wait too long. By understanding the lemon laws from Kaloustian Law Group, a group of Attorneys who specialize in lemon law services, you’ll be able to see why you shouldn’t hesitate.

What’s a Lemon

A lemon is a car that has defects from the manufacturer, either with its safety or value. The defect must be substantial and have occurred during a specific time after a person purchased the car. Typically, the car required multiple repairs, and the issue still wasn’t fixed.

California Lemon Laws

By law in California, you must have tried to make several attempts to repair the issue with an authorized dealer to have a lemon. Your car could also fall under this category if you tried to have the car repaired, but the authorized dealer didn’t have the part for more than 30 days but had your vehicle during that time.

Under the lemon laws in CA, your vehicle may be considered a lemon if it’s been in the shop for a total of more than 30 cumulative days for various major problems.  They must be during an 18-month period or falls within 18,000 miles of use.

Our Lemon Law Attorneys in Woodland Hills, CA would also like you to know that your car could be a lemon if you have a warranty repair that requires a part, and it’s on a long-term backorder. The backorder must have an estimated time that exceeds 30 days from the previous repair attempt.

Other possible issues could occur that could mean you have a lemon under law.  You need to seek out a Lemon Law Attorney to let you know if the vehicle you are driving is a Lemon.

Contact Experienced Woodland Hills Lemon Law Attorneys

There is a  time frame within which you need to bring your claim. Therefore, reach out to a California Lemon Law Attorney today. At Kaloustian Law Group, we will review the California lemon law time limit with you, making sure that you file your claim within the lemon law statute of limitations in California. We will be with you every step of the way, making sure that your rights are defended. Call us now for a free case evaluation and find out if you have a viable lemon law case. The lemon laws require the manufacturer to pay your attorneys’ fees and costs if you win, so let us fight for your rights without worry.