Dealing With a Lemon: Tips for Reducing Stress

Picture a situation where you have been saving up for a while to purchase your dream vehicle, and now you have it. But your happiness is short-lived when you discover that you are dealing with a lemon.

Understanding California laws regarding lemon cars can help you know the next steps to take. Our team of lawyers from Kaloustian Law Group can help you navigate this process and increase your chances of getting a good outcome.

Here are a few Los Angeles lemon law tips that will help reduce the stress of lemon cars.

Common Mistakes When Dealing With a Lemon Car

There are some common mistakes California car owners make when trying to exercise their rights regarding lemon law. Some of these mistakes can invalidate your claim even though it is legitimate.

The best way to avoid making such mistakes is by working with a CA lemon law attorney. With that said, here are some mistakes consumers often make.

  • Not making sure that their complaints have been included in the car’s service record
  • Continuing to repair the car even after they have already made several repair attempts
  • Not storing all the important documents well which can help in supporting one’s claim
  • Choosing not to hire a lemon law attorney. You need legal guidance from an experienced lawyer who has dealt with similar cases before.

Anticipate Common Lemon Defects

Most consumers are unaware of the problems that qualify a vehicle as a lemon. When they experience a problem, they will try to repair it under the car’s warranty and continue as usual.

But before you start taking your car for repairs, you may want to consult a California lemon law lawyer who will give you the right advice and inform you of the next action. With that said, here are the common lemon defects you should know.

  • Issues With Pedals Related to Acceleration and Brakes

This defect will determine how safe your vehicle is. If your pedals are not functioning as they should, you will have issues slowing down or speeding up the car, which puts you at risk of an accident.

  • Engine or Battery Issues

Your car engine and the battery will ultimately affect the vehicle’s performance and influence your safety on the road.

  • Lock Defects

People will store various valuables in their vehicles, including jewelry, gadgets, and electronics. Consumers want to be sure that when they leave their valuables in their vehicles, they will still find them. That is why you should take a lock defect seriously.

  • Electrical Defects

Most electrical issues usually manifest themselves in the infotainment system. Such defects will significantly reduce the value of your car.

  • Issues With Your Air Conditioning

With California being one of the hottest regions in the US, one can’t afford to have air conditioning issues in the car. You want to ensure that your rides are as comfortable as possible.

What You Should Do if Dealing with a Lemon

If your car meets California law requirements to be considered a lemon, you have the right to get a replacement car or a refund from the vehicle manufacturer.

  • Gather all the required documents to prove the car is a lemon. This includes documentation of the attempted repairs.
  • You will also need to inform the manufacturer in writing about this problem. Let them know about the defects you have discovered and when the issues arise. The manufacturer will likely offer you a settlement.
  • Let a lawyer help you, as they will know the settlement you deserve. It is hard to determine the average lemon law settlement as car defects differ. Certain factors will determine how much settlement you get, including the car’s purchase price, age, model, and mileage.

California lemon laws protect consumers who buy defective vehicles, whether new or used. The law applies to any defects that affect a car’s safety, value, and use. If you experience such a fault, get in touch with a lemon car lawyer Woodland Hills CA for assistance on how to file a claim and get a settlement.

Lemon law is not very straightforward. An experienced attorney is adequately prepared to handle any complications that can come up during your case. They will know how much settlement you deserve. And if the case goes to court, your lawyer will prepare and represent you.

Do you feel like you just bought a lemon? Get in touch with Kaloustian Law Group. We will develop a solid case and negotiate aggressively for fair compensation.