Common Signs Your Car is a Lemon

Common Signs Your Car is a Lemon

When you purchase or lease a used vehicle, looks for signs of risk.  Studies show that over 50 percent of cars that are lemons start having issues within the first month after it is purchased. There are plus sides to buying a used vehicle since it will save you some money and it is already broken in by the previous owner. This means that you hope all the kinks are worked out but if it is a lemon, they will not be and you will be left to deal with the issues.

The Kaloustian Law Group knows all of the California lemon law statute of limitations and wants you to learn and understand the California lemon law statute of limitations and the lemon law time frame. There are some signs you can look for to determine if your vehicle is a lemon. Check out the detailed list below to learn the signs you need to be aware of in deciding if you have purchased a lemon.

Foul Odor

If the vehicle you purchased has a strong foul odor, you need to check to see if the vehicle is leaking oil or some other chemical that is causing the smell.  If it is a mechanical problem, your vehicle may qualify as a lemon.

The Warranty is Bad

Some previously owned vehicles will come with some kind of warranty. Before you purchase the vehicle, you need to review the warranty carefully including the fine print. A Woodland Hills lemon car lawyer can help you out to review your warranty.

Check Out the Locks/Radio

You should check to be sure all of the windows, door locks and radio work properly because if they do not, that can be a sign that there is an issue with the electrical system of the vehicle.

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