What To Expect After Winning a Lemon Law Lawsuit

What To Expect After Winning a Lemon Law Lawsuit

Going through a lemon law case can be incredibly stressful, especially if you have already spent thousands on lawyer fees, repairs, and lost wages due to attending court and handling other issues related to your case. Fortunately, when the finish line is in sight, it will all be worth knowing you are that much closer to winning a lemon law lawsuit. For many people, the ending is just the beginning, and they might wonder what happens when you win a lemon law claim. 

Whether you opt for a settlement or a new car, one thing is certain – you will still have some fees left over to deal with. From taxes to lawyer’s fees, costs for upgrading your car, and more, there are certain things to keep in mind after your lemon law case victory. 

Talking to a trusted lemon law attorney Los Angeles is one of the best ways to prepare after winning your settlement. Keep scrolling to find out more about what happens after you win a lemon law case.

Expectations After Winning a Lemon Law Lawsuit

What to expect depends on the type of lemon law case you are settling for. Under California Law, you have options for your settlement amount. You can either refund, or you can get a replacement.

Keep in mind that this vehicle will be by the same manufacturer as your old vehicle, which means you might just face the same defects again. However, this is a good option for some people if they want to avoid spending their time shopping for another car after their settlement.

Payments in a Reasonable Time Frame

If you opted for a payment, you would likely receive your settlement within 30 days of closing your case. The dealer will have to account for all the costs listed above in addition to deductions like mileage and other fees. Unfortunately, suppose you had quite a bit of mileage on your car before it went defunct. In that case, this means you will be awarded less for your settlement.

Give the dealership or manufacturer time to calculate costs. If they are taking longer than usual or stalling your payment on the purchase, it is best to look for lemon law attorneys Los Angeles and others in the area trust for help. They can help move your settlement forward.

Additional Reimbursements

In addition to getting your payment after winning your case, you will also be awarded additional reimbursements for any out-of-pocket costs you might have incurred. For instance, if your car was broken down several times and you need to call a tow truck or if you need to pay for rideshares to get to and from work, you might be able to get these costs reimbursed. However, you will need to submit any receipts and get help from your lawyer while also giving your dealership time to calculate these costs.

Get the Settlement You Deserve With Our Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles

The California lemon law is a consumer protection law designed to provide relief to individuals who have purchased or leased defective vehicles. The law applies to new and used vehicles that are still under warranty and have a substantial defect that cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts by the manufacturer or their authorized repair facility.

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