What Should I Look for if I Suspect My Car is a Lemon?

What Should I Look for if I Suspect My Car is a Lemon?

When you purchase a new car, you expect everything to be in working order, and not to have any significant issues with the vehicle right away. But what if your new car is already experiencing large issues in contradiction to it being new?

Lemon law protects car buyers when they purchase one of these vehicles and need reimbursing.

With the help of Kaloustian Law Group, you can find a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles to help you with your suspected lemon car.

Common Issues Associated With Lemon Cars

When you get a lemon car, it is not a small issue that you are dealing with regularly, you are noticing large problems that should not exist yet like the following:

● Serious issues with the brakes and the suspension.
● Check engine light coming on for mechanical issues.
● The transmission is not properly shifting gears.
● The car has broken down multiple times in the first 30 days.
● Issues with safety features like the lights, windshield, or airbags.

These are all issues commonly found when you purchase a lemon car in California lemon law outlines. When these types of issues arise, you could claim that you’re purchasing a lemon car in California and hold the manufacturer to their standards.

If you take your case to court and fight the manufacturer, they are responsible for all attorney fees if found guilty of selling a lemon car according to the California Vehicle Lemon Law.

What Should I Do if I Suspect My Car is a Lemon?

If you notice that one or more of the above issues relate to your situation, you need to have your case evaluated to determine if it’s in fact a lemon.

Reach out to a California lemon law attorney who is familiar with the lemon law and the rules affiliated. This is a particular process, so you want to make sure you are still making that request within the time frame that is set for new cars and you go through the right channels.

The right lemon law lawyer can let you know which of the options you should consider with your car, based on what types of things are wrong and how much you have already invested in the care to make it right.

By providing all of your statements for service, tows, and anything else related to your vehicle, your lawyer will help you decide on one of the three following options:

● Get a monetary reimbursement for the vehicle or a cash settlement.
● Replace your vehicle with the sales taxes and the fees covered by the dealership
● Go with the lemon law buyback, where the manufacturer purchases your vehicle at a full refund and for any expenses you paid towards the vehicle.

These options give you the best option for their financial situation.

When Does The Lemon Law Activate in CA for My Car?

As soon as you discover the defect with your car the first time, the timer sets on the California vehicle lemon law, and you need to make a case soon.

You can file within the first 18,000 miles on your new car or the first 18 months of owning it, depending on which comes first.

If you have major issues during this time or mileage, you have some ground to argue that your vehicle is, in fact, a lemon and choose which option is the right one for you.

Lemon Law Lawyer

California is an area where lawyers get lots of experience fighting for their clients and helping them choose how to best pursue their cases.

At the Kaloustian Law Group, we have experience with the California car lemon law and make sure that you get the assistance you deserve.

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