Overview of California Lemon Laws

Overview of California Lemon Laws

When you purchase a new or used vehicle that is still under warranty in California, you
expect it to run smoothly. You have invested heavily in this vehicle, and
you need it to get around, including to get you to work on time. The last
thing you need is for your car to need repeated repairs so soon after
purchase. Luckily, there are laws that protect you as a consumer, and an
attorney specializing in lemon law services could help you if you purchased
a problem car.

Overview of California Lemon Laws

California’s lemon laws protect you when you buy or lease a new car that
needs repeated repairs. It also covers used cars if they are still under
the original manufacturer’s warranty. A CA lemon law attorney would be able
to answer any questions regarding whether or not the car you purchased
would qualify.

Vehicles Covered

If your new or used vehicle is under the original manufacturer’s warranty
and needs repeated repairs, then it may qualify under the lemon law.

The law covers:

– Cars, vans, SUVs, and pick-ups with a gross weight of under 10,000
– Dealer demo models
– Vehicles purchased or leased for personal use

Along with personal vehicles, the law applies to certain types of vehicles
purchased for business purposes, too. Moreover, the law covers specific
parts of a motor home, as well. Therefore, if you have purchased a problem
car, you should speak with a California lemon law attorney to determine if
your vehicle qualifies.

Repeated Repairs

Along with specific vehicle types, the law also references the need for
repeated repairs and the extent of repairs needed.

For example, the Lemon Law Presumption applies when a certain number of
repeated repairs have been performed. Additionally, it requires that the
problem has to be significant. Plus, the problem has to have occurred
within a specific time from the date of purchase.

The Lemon Law Presumption holds true if:

– The manufacturer’s warranty covers the repairs.
– The problem occurred within 18 months or 18,000 miles of purchase,
whichever occurs first.
– The problem reduces the value of your vehicle or affects the safety of
the vehicle.
– The vehicle has been in for repair for more than 30 days.

Moreover, the problem has to be repeatedly repaired to no avail. As for
what qualifies for repeated repairs, the following conditions apply:

– If the vehicle has been repaired two or more times for a problem
that’s severe enough to cause bodily injury or death.
– If the vehicle has been repaired four or more times for the same
problem and the problem still exists.

If your newly purchased car has been in for repairs repeatedly, contact a
Los Angeles lemon law attorney to determine if your car qualifies under the
lemon law.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Along with determining whether or not your vehicle qualifies under the
lemon law, California lemon law attorneys also know how to resolve the
situation. Moreover, a Los Angeles lemon car lawyer can help you understand
your rights under the California lemon laws.

For instance, if your vehicle qualifies, you may be entitled to:

– Replacement costs minus problem-free usage value
– Cash refund
– Reimbursement of incidental costs
– Payment of attorney’s fees

If you’ve purchased a lemon, you’re not just dealing with a problem car.
You’re dealing with a legal matter. It’s best to consult an attorney to get
help. More importantly, it’s best to talk with a lemon law attorney Los
Angeles. You don’t want to choose any attorney. You want an attorney that
knows California’s lemon laws and gets results.

Don’t Get Stuck with a Lemon

If you’ve had your new car repeatedly repaired, give Kaloustian Law Group a
call. We can determine if your vehicle qualifies under the lemon law and
help you determine your next steps if it does. We know lemon law and
specialize in it. We’ve been helping car owners with problem cars for over
15 years.

Don’t get left paying for a vehicle that doesn’t run. That old saying,
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” doesn’t apply to cars in
California. There are laws to protect you when you buy a new vehicle.

Contact us today to find how we can help you if you think you have bought a